“Discussion of community issues to be included in the 2024 budget and definition of priorities” – Year-end public discussion in Areni community

Within the framework of the “Local Works Support to Areni Consolidated Community in Armenia” project, which aims to increase the capabilities of Areni consolidated community ofVayots Dzor marz, empowering the community politically and economically, a public discussion (town hall) was held on December 22.

About 100 active residents of 9 settlements of Areni consolidated community participated in the public discussion, the purpose of which was to discuss community issues to be included in the 2024 budget of Areni and define priorities.

Among the priorities discussed were:

1. Major repair and furnishing of the sports school of Aghavnadzor community. At the moment, about 60 children attend the sports school, there are groups of various sports (wrestling, karate, etc.). After the renovation, the attendance of children from other communities is also planned (the community will take care of the transport of children from different communities to Aghavnadzor) and the opening of new sport groups in the sports school (chess, checkers, boxing, etc.).

Adults will also have the opportunity to use the sports school. It is also planned to regularly organize inter-community and national sports events and competitions.

The total cost of the project is about 60 million AMD, where the community’s contribution will be approximately 3-4 million AMD, and the rest of the money will be financed by various donors, such as GIZ, “Armavir Development Center” NGO, etc.

2. Gasification and furnishing of the kindergarten of Arpi community, where about 50-60 children attend, which, however, works seasonally due to the heating problem. Kindergarten is mostly renovated, there is a need for partial renovation in 1 room and in the corridor and a need for complete gasification in order for it to work without interruptions.

The cost of the project will be approximately AMD 10 million.

3. Renovation of the kindergarten in Agarakadzor, which involves changing the windows on the 1st floor, repairing the entrance staircase, building a roof, etc. About 46 children attend kindergarten. it does not operate during the winter months. The cost of the project will be approximately 12 million AMD.

4. Carrying out the overhaul and heating system of the Aghavnadzor kindergarten, where 43 children attend. The kindergarten does not operate during the winter months. The project will cost approximately 20 million AMD.

The representatives of other settlements complained a little that the problems of their settlements were not on the list of priorities, but they tried to approach with understanding and believing in the promise that “everything will be done one by one”, they got involved in the discussion of the urgency of the problems of the neighboring settlements.

The discussion of the mentioned problems was followed by a vote: the participants of the discussion, emphasizing the solution of all the mentioned problems, gave priority to the fact that kindergartens work all year round. According to the results of the vote, the gasification and furnishing of the Arpi community kindergarten was considered the most urgent, then the overhaul works of Aghavnadzor kindergarten and sports school, then the overhaul and heating system of Aghavnadzor kindergarten.

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