Since 2004, emphasizing the role and importance of civil participation in the improvement of socio-economic conditions in Armavir region, a group of activists gathered around one common idea. After working for some time as a group of community activists, the organization’s founders realized that more formal infrastructure and a new legal status were needed to effectively pursue their goals. As a result, one year later, on April 29, 2005, the socio-economic non-governmental organization “Armavir Development Center” (ADC) was officially established in the city of Armavir, Armavir region, and is effectively carrying out its activities.

ADC NGO, being a community-oriented organization, has national scales of activity. At the moment, the NGO implements 16 projects in 5 regions of Armenia.

The organization succeeds in carrying out this large-scale work thanks to such important features as the multidisciplinary team, the size of the team, connections with various stakeholders, multi-sectorality, many years of uninterrupted work experience, being community-oriented, which enables it to work directly with the beneficiary and implement projects in need.

In order to ensure the stable socio-economic progress of the region, the non-governmental organization “Armavir Development Center” has set itself the task of encouraging and contributing to the cooperation of the state, public and business sectors of the region. At the core of the NGO’s activity are such important values as participation, transparency, accountability, people-centeredness, inclusiveness, equality, cooperation, responsibility and dedication.