The “cooperation for socio-economic progress” objective is the focus of the ADC NGO.

The organization has identified the following three strategic directions of activity to help it carry out its mission:

1. Fortifying and enhancing the accountable, open, and democratic government system.

  • Promote reduction of corruption risks,
  • Encourage citizen’s participation in decision-making process,
  • Increase awareness level of citizens and authorities,
  • Promote development of local self-government system,
  • Promote advocacy and rights of society.

2. Development of civil society.

  • Create citizen participation mechanisms in increasing community activities and in decision making process,
  • Encourage participation of Mass Media in civic awareness,
  • Support capacities development of local CSOs.

3. The growth of society-economics.

  • Contribute poverty reduction in the regions,
  • Assist development of small and medium businesses.

The following activities are employed by the company to accomplish its strategic goals:

1.     Civic education

2.     Research and publications

3.      Protection of the rights and interests of ADC supporters and beneficiaries

4.     Consultations, courses and seminars.