Budgeting by the People, for the People

Since 2022 Armavir consolidated community is a member of the “Local Open Government Partnership (LOG)” initiative. Joining the initiative, as well as emphasizing the application of democratic development principles, transparent and accountable decision-making, the community has committed to implementing a participatory budgeting system and is now implementing project-based participatory budgeting.

Effective introduction and implementation of the system, however, requires raising the level of awareness of the population about participatory budgeting, capacity building of local authorities, civil society, media representatives and active citizens, as well as the availability of additional opportunities for participation.

In order to support Armavir consolidated community in this process, “Armavir Development Center” NGO initiated and implements the “Budgeting by the People, for the People” project aimed at solving the above problems.

The main goal of the project is to strengthen participatory democracy and promote citizen involvement in local decision-making processes by improving the participatory budgeting system in Armavir consolidated.

By planning awareness campaigns and capacity building, the program targets citizens as well as local government officials, civil society and media representatives.

“Budgeting by the People, for the People” is funded by the German government and the European Union (EU).